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From time to time the Woonona Football Club supports local community individuals and organisations in need via match day fundraising and raffles.

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Sophia Jans Appeal


Over the past few weeks, the Woonona Sharks have assisted with fundraising efforts to support Sophia and her family through two match day bucket collections and proceeds from the Woonona Sharks club raffle at Bulli Workers Club. So far to date the club has raised $ 1523.60.

Extract From Illawarra Mercury –

“Little Woonona girl Sophia, will have to have her right leg amputated unless her parents can raise the $250,000 required for pioneering surgery in the United States.

It’s a hefty sum, and if it can’t be raised through online and community fundraising, Carley and Chris Jans will have to sell the family home – a home that is still being rebuilt after being gutted by fire two years ago.

However, that’s a price they’re willing to pay to ensure their eight-month-old daughter has a life free of prosthetic limbs and the associated pain and challenges.

Sophia has a very rare limb deficiency called fibular hemimelia – there’s only two other known cases in Australia. It means she was born with no fibula in her right leg while her tibia is shortened, compared to her left leg, and her leg points down and she only has three toes.

The only treatment option in Australia was amputation, although the couple had found a doctor in Florida who could save Sophia’s leg through limb reconstruction.

Dr Paley, of the Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute, has confirmed that Sophia would be a good candidate for the treatment, which would include an initial nine-hour operation to correct the deformity and then three months of limb lengthening treatment in the United States.

Once back home, Sophia would have to wear an external fixator for three to six months before returning to the US for further treatment. Otherwise she will have to have the leg amputated and have to be constantly refitted for prosthetic legs as she grows, and deal with the complications such as pressure sores around the stump, chronic back problems and body image challenges.”

Anyone wishing to donate please contact the club / or pass on your donation to a club committee member for distribution to the Sophia Jans Appeal.


*** Photo – Sophia Jans (centre) and her sister (behind) with the girls ( Tiana, Sienna & Ebony ) from Woonona Football Club during last Saturdays home game collection against Bellambi.